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My trip in Ireland (firth day)
31 mars, 2014, 23 h 01 min
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  • The first day:

    I arrived at the airport of Galway and I rented a car because it’s the best means of transport to visit the Ireland. Then, I went  to the Galway cathedral.

    Galway Cathedral is a splendid cathedral  with the wonderful interior decor : there are beautiful stained-glass windows and the majestic hotel. Moreover it’s very largest and the area around are very pleasant.

    So, the Galway Cathedral have been great !

 galway cathedral          

galway cathedral inte


    After, I went to the port which is very nice and in the streets ! Then, I was to come back from my hotel.

street Galway                    

port Galway


My trip in Ireland (second day)
31 mars, 2014, 22 h 17 min
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The second day :

    I leaved early to went at Dublin and on the way I saw the Cliffs of Muher which are the most spectacular cliffs of Ireland : there are incredible with the sunlight!!

     cliff of muher

Then, I’ve arriven at Dublin. I directly went to the Kilmainham Jail. I have never visiten a prison. Now, it’s a museum but before 1990, it was a jail.

    The visit is very good : you can identify with the prisoners and their difficult living conditions.


So, it’s an interesting visit.


Kilmainham Jail                        Kilmainham Jail 2

My trip in Ireland (Third day)
31 mars, 2014, 22 h 16 min
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  • The third day :

     I visited Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, if you need to pick a church, choose it. For me it is the most beautiful cathedral in Dublin. In addition, there are lots of things to see inside as the windows which are very beautiful.

dublin cathedral          dublin cathedral 2

    I’m going to see a rugby match at the Aviva Staduim. The staduim is very large : there are 50 000 places ! And the game was very well so the statuim is very great.

aviva staduim aviva staduim 2


    I have never eaten Irish specialities, so, the everning, I went to the restaurant and I took haggis… It’s horrible !!!


my trip in Ireland (fourth day)
31 mars, 2014, 22 h 16 min
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The fourth day :

   I starded to Dublin at Wexford.

   In Wexford, there is not many monument to visit but I walked into town and I went in a wonderful park: the Irish National Heritage Park. It’s very large and splentid with the green landscapes.

street Wexford 2

street Wexford

park wexford 2

park wexford

My trip in Ireland (fifth day)
31 mars, 2014, 22 h 15 min
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  • The fifth day :

     I returned to Dublin for took the plane for the France. And going here, I passed in front of the Dublin Castle which is a manific caslte of 13th century.

dubil castle

    En summary, my trip was very great !! ;)


My trip in Ireland
31 mars, 2014, 22 h 11 min
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Welcome! ;)

my trip in Ireland


My name is Valentine Gourgue (4°8).

Before last week, I have never been in Ireland, but, I passed my holyday in Ireland. Here is how it passed my trip :




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